Past Grants

(Note-Past grants are not necessarily indicative of future grants)

In 2017, The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation awarded grants totaling more than $7.4 million to these organizations and projects:

Organization Purpose                  Amount              Date Paid
Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond expansion of Club in Providence Park, Northside $250,000 1/17/2017
James Madison University construction of a new Convocation Center $300,000 1/17/2017
St. James's Children's Center Classroom and Community Success capital campaign $30,000 1/17/2017
CodeVA build, repair and improve facility $50,000 1/17/2017
Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School support building expansion project $100,000 1/27/2017
VCU Massey Cancer Center Construction of dedicated space for research and education in McGlothin Medical Education Center $500,000 1/27/2017
Historical Society of West Point Phase 2 renovation of historic building  $40,000 1/31/2017
Virginia Organizing Inc. The American Documentary Film Fund - "The Judge" - A Documentary $50,000 2/8/2017
VCU Foundation ICA Institute for Contemorary Art $500,000 2/15/2017
Appomattox Regional Governor's School renovation process to create a new Dance Studio $85,000 3/24/2017
Washington Heritage Museums Renovations at Mary Washington House $50,000 3/24/2017
Leadership Metro Richmond Transformative Technology Project $22,500 5/11/2017
Communities In Schools of Richmond Investment in IT infrastructure at multiple schools $45,000 5/11/2017
Commonwealth Autism Capital Improvement Grant $25,000 5/11/2017
The Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care Renovations to Improve client accessibility at facility $28,000 5/11/2017
Virginia Tech Student Athletic Academic Support Services $200,000 5/11/2017
University of Virginia Renovate Rotunda $500,000 5/11/2017
Taubman Museum The Great 8 Improvement Project $100,000 5/11/2017
Richmond Public Library Foundation Renovate part of first floor and create a Teen Space $100,000 5/11/2017
Radford University Educational capital for the Radford University Center for the Science $350,000 6/1/2017
University of Mary Washington Historic Amphitheatre Restoration Project $125,000 6/1/2017
Goochland Free Clinic & Family Services "Goochland Cares: All.Here.Now" campaign $400,000 6/19/2017
Jefferson Scholars Foundation Construction of Cochran House $100,000 6/19/2017
YMCA of Greater Richmond Renovation of three branches Petersburg/Northside/Manchester $250,000 6/19/2017
Seven Hills School Renovation of Great Hall to expand and renovate the library building $50,000 6/19/2017
Bath Community Hospital Foundation Bring It Home Capital Campaign $75,000 7/10/2017
Historical St. Luke's Church Preserve and protect Historical St. Luke's Church $50,000 7/10/2017
St. Christopher's School Support of Recital Hall/Arts Center $250,000 7/31/2017
Charles City County Library Capital campaign for Library/Community Center $125,000 7/31/2017
Virginia Capitol Foundation Virginia Indian Tribute Mantle $100,000 8/16/2017
Friends of Hollywood Cemetery Tree digitization project $150,000 10/17/2017
Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People, Inc. Equipment/furnishing costs for Guncotton Coffee Company $50,000 10/17/2017
Millwood School Active Learning Classroom $35,000 10/17/2017
Trinity Episcopal School Renovation and expansion of th Perkinson Arts Center Theatre $300,000 10/17/2017
Challenge Discovery Projects relocation and renovations of East District Family Resource Center $50,000 11/7/2017
Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center support the Capital Campaign $150,000 11/7/2017
Steamboat Era Museum Pilot the Potomc Home $50,000 11/7/2017
CARITAS development of the CARITAS Center $500,000 11/7/2017
J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College support of Culinary Institute in East End $250,000 11/21/2017
Barter Theatre renovations to production building $100,000 11/21/2017
Jewish Family Services Purchase and implementation of Electronic Health Record System $40,000 11/21/2017
American Civil War Museum support the American Legacy campaign $375,000 11/21/2017
Housing Virginia support MAPBOOK, a permanent, online tool $30,000 11/21/2017
Lead Virginia office furnishings and equipment $25,000 11/21/2017
Sacred Heart Center expanding the transportation capacity $25,000 11/21/2017
Alamo Addiction Recovery Center replacement of electrical system in 1840's vintage residental home $15,000 11/21/2017
Southside Community Development Housing Corporation purchase of a new passenger van $25,000 11/21/2017
Youth Life Foundation of Richmond purchase vehicles for transportation $25,000 11/21/2017
DIGS - St. Michael's Episcopal School capital campaign for construction o the new Lower School campus $20,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - Trinity Episcopal School Emily Hufman McLeod Scholarship Fund to provide tuition assistance to TES students from Julia Cooper Episcopal School $10,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - Lucy Corr Foundation support Lucy Corr Dental Clinic $10,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - Byrd Theatre Foundation capital campaign to restore and enhance the theatre $10,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - Boys Home of Virginia renovation of the gym $10,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - Collegiate School Oats Center $10,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - Peter Paul Development Center Capital campaign for Library/Community Center $10,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - VCU Rice Rivers Center support the lab $10,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - Westview on the James support the waterslide $10,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools   $10,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - St. Christopher's School Capital campaign  $10,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - Mission Gait   $10,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - Ducks Unlimited work in the Mid-Atlantic $10,000 12/18/2017
DIGS - The Fountain Fund improving the lives of the formerly incarcerated through lending, financial education, and community support $10,000 12/18/2017
Capital Region Land Conservancy Malvern Hill tract $250,000 12/18/2017