Enriching Community Life throughout the Commonwealth

The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation enriches communities across the Commonwealth by providing capital support to cultural arts institutions, historic preservation sites, environment and conservation initiatives, community development efforts, education infrastructure, and the social services sector.

Arts & Culture

Virginia's residents and visitors love Arts & Culture. That’s why The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation supports organizations that deliver cultural experiences through music, theatre, and visual and performing arts.

Civic & Community Needs

The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation funds organizations that provide services to revitalize neighborhoods and local businesses, develop citizen leadership skills, bolster economic development, contribute to workforce training, and strengthen civic engagement.


From early childhood education to university and professional continuing education, The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation is proud to support educational organizations in the Commonwealth. We contribute funds to public, private, and faith-based schools that support both students and teachers.

Environment & Conservation

To encourage responsible stewardship of the vast natural resources in the Commonwealth, The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation provides grants to conservation and environmental organizations.

Historic Preservation

The Commonwealth of Virginia has a deep and long history. The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation is committed to preserving historically significant structures for future generations.

Social Services & Welfare

The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation funds nonprofit organizations that address a wide range of human needs and aspirations. The Foundation serves people of all ages, socio-economic statuses, and backgrounds.